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Zatto.io is the unique i-gaming platform created by Zatoshi (@iamZatoshi). 

We at Zatto.io are currently creating an amazing online casino and sports betting platform that utilises the Bitcoin SV "BSV" Blockchain. Bitcoin SV is a fast, scalable and stable blockchain that allows instant transactions from one person (or business) to another. Fees are virtually free (1/1000th of a penny). Due to the nature of the BSV blockchain and the fact it scales on-chain means we can provide a seamless experience for customers using our platform. 

Imagine placing a bet on Blackjack or Roulette and winning. Your winnings go straight to your own custodial wallet almost instantly. Pretty amazing! 

Another plus is we do not require registration or KYC. You simply connect your Handcash wallet and payments go from your wallet to Zatto.io and back without the need to sign up. (Other BSV wallets in the future will be added). 

We will be launching up to 6-12 online games between 4Q (2021) and 2Q (2022). Between 1Q and 2Q (2022) our Sports Betting platform will be up and running allowing customers to place live bets on a variety of sports including Soccer, Basketball and American Football (more to follow). 

$ZTO (token)

Prior to launch, there will be a token offering on the RelayX platform that will allow people to buy $ZTO and effectively have an interest in the Zatto.io business. Holders of $ZTO will forever earn 10% of all Zatto.io profits split amongst them. Initial supply will be 555,555 $ZTO tokens at a fixed price of 0.01 BSV per token. More details to follow. 

Buy $ZTO token and forever earn profits from Zatto.io > RelayX.com/market/ZTO